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This website provides access to information about Dr. Curt Watke and various aspects of his ministry since his call to ministry at age 10. 



LouAnn-Curt1.jpgCan't Do Ministry without the
Support of the Family!

I praise the Lord for my wife, Lou Ann, and three boys.  Lou Ann and I have been married for over 38 years. Here we had stopped to take some pictures after church on a sunny spring Sunday in North Augusta at the Living History Park. 



We Have Enjoyed Watching Our 3 Sons Grow!



We celebrated the college graduation of our oldest son.  He graduated with a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Mathematics.  He has completed a MS in Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and works at a major software company as a computer programmer.


100_0495.jpgChristmas celebration is always special -- but especially so when everybody can make it home.  It was great to have our oldest son with us for Christmas.



We were glad that my parents could join us in celebrating with our middle son as he graduated from high school and completed a pre-engineering certificate program at the community college.  


He has finished a bachelor degree in electrical engineering.
We are proud of him and his accomplishments.  Here is relaxing before getting back to the books.


Our youngest son is a rising senior in a bachelor of fine arts program majoring in painting and drawing with plans to work on a master's degree in medical illustration. While in high school and is also completing a certificate program in web page and graphic design at a local community college.  Here he celebrated his 17th birthday.



He has been doing various types of visual art since he was 10 years old.  Here we are on vacation in Massachusetts.

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